​Annemarie Picerno is an award winning entertainer and composer in Nashville. She has performed in theater, bands in every musical genre, comedy shows, film, radio and television.  She was recently Red Carpet Host at The Soiree Las Vegas in 2022 interviewing music industry professionals, Grammy® nominees and winners with her outgoing style and humor.
Her diverse musical sounds mix Americana, Pop, Blues, Gospel, Soul, and Rock with emotional lyrics and powerful vocals. She is a dynamic performer on stage, and known for her bluesy vocals, diversity and unique performances. 
She was awarded Bronze Medal Finalist in the Global Music Awards, Best Music Video Concept and Grand Jury Prize Gold Best Music Video at Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival for "Color Blind", as well as Best Music Video at The Global Non Violent Film Festival, Artist of the Year in Red Carpet Holland Awards, and Best Musical Collaboration at the Josie Music Awards.  Her vocals are interwined with the musical prodution from Bob McGilpin in Nashville. Bob McGilpin's first release was 1978's "Superstar" on Butterfly records which became a Billboard hit along with "Sexy Thing" and "When You Feel Love." He had multiple major label record deals with Casablanca, RCA, and Butterfly/MCA and landed three #1 hits on the coveted Billboard Dance Charts.  Annemarie writes all her lyrics from real life circumstances, mixed with metaphorical philosophies, raw emotions, and unusual twists.  She plays a 35 year old Washburn, as well as keyboards, and together she & Bob produce music to make you laugh, smile, ponder, and experience life and love with her storytelling and unique music. 



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I grew up a shy, quiet child, the youngest of three girls, then later 4 girls total in my teens. 
My earliest memories in music are of playing the organ and putting on shows with my 2 older sisters, one who couldn't sing a note, the other who banged the drum when I was 5 years old. 
I of course, excelled in school and my teachers encouraged my gifts. I was chosen for theater roles, asked to play my violin in front of class, won talent competitions, and became very active in theater and my high school choir. It was an escape and an expression of myself, that my parents did not encourage, understand, or support.  
In college, miles away from home I remember calling my mother from a dormitory payphone. It was my freshman year, and I was a musical theater student, studying acting, voice and diction, music, theory, voice lessons, and was immersed in auditions and learning the trade. The ballet, tap dance and stage movement classes challenged me as they were my first dance lessons and I was learning and clutzy. I was loving all my other courses. My mother's response was the typical negativity that I endured growing up with and eventually had to divorce, "Your stepfather and I always knew you were wasting your time." 

"Emailed my family.  
One's West coast, one's south, one's North east here. 
Got one return mail. 
'cause we're not as close as we used to be." 

("Simpler Times" by Annemarie Picerno Copyright 2012) 

I went on to my first professional theater job in the Rocky Mountains, and joined the community of paid actors and singers that got a check for performing nightly shows. I explored my comic abilities, and learned I could also make people laugh, and after a national competition for Lever Brothers, learned discipline performing 6 shows a day at Disney World. My peers were Wayne Brady who went on to television, and several other seasoned performers. I performed in bands of every genre, cruise ships, theaters, and explored incorporating all my skills into my performances. I traveled and lived with other entertainers, and constantly challenged myself. I always felt I needed to do more, and in 2012 I moved to Nashville to reignite my songwriting and immerse myself into creating more of my original music. 

"I met a liar. I met a lover. 
I met the devil, and the cowboy.." 

("My Love Stories" by Annemarie Picerno Copyright 2012) 

I learned quickly that many Nashville musicians were homeless, addicts, in their struggle to make music  and be "true to their calling." Many sharks also existed in the business, and I had to learn the ropes of songwriter rounds, pitching to publishers, radio marketing, and saw how many live show venues did not pay their artists. I chose to continue my writing, and to gain exposure on internet radio stations aired around the world. 
I found stations that supported Independent Artists, and became friends with many of the Dj's. They believed in me and my music, just as much as the fans that began requesting me for airplay. My song "Bad Girl" charted on several internet radio Top 40 charts and was selected as a finalist in a national songwriting competition. 
"Come on boy..School's out!" 

("Bad Girl" by Annemarie Picerno Copyright 2006) 
I recently read Bette Midler's biography, as well as one on Janis Joplin. Both of their families shunned these ladies performances. In fact, Bette's father only watched his Oscar, Grammy winning, Broadway performing, and labeled "Greatest Entertainer in the World" daughter perform once on television.
Janis stunned the world by baring her pain to millions, and never believed in her own beauty. Many artists encounter this in their quest to write from their souls, to express themselves and their music and art to an audience. My songs come from my personal experiences, and also I have been delving into social topics about the world and events.  
"Little girl held little boy's hand today.
Said, 'Bad man's blown our teacher away.  
 We're gonna get on our knees to pray. I'm gonna tell you I love you today." 

("Don't Ask Why" by Annemarie Picerno Copyright 2015) 
That song addresses the Sandy Hook tragedy, the fear of every parent, the logic of a child keeping prayer in schools. 

I plan on continuing to write and sing music, and I thank my fans that have helped me find my voice. 
I love to sing different genres and mix the sounds of country, pop, rock, and blues. I constantly try and push the limits on my topics and vocals. I love to sing and encourage investors to contact me as I have a dream project I'd like to finance.