LOVE AND PEACE Now in Music Stores!

LOVE AND PEACE Now in Music Stores!

LOVE AND PEACE - Prem Murti & Natalie Ai Kamauu featuring Annemarie Picerno, Tess Remy Schumacher, 
An Vedi, & Russ Hewitt  Lyrics by Mike Greenly -  Music Prem Murti  

Lazie Indie Magazine April 2023 Prem Murti "Love and Peace New Song Release 
Music Week News 

Prem Murti's "Love and Peace" is a song that celebrates the significance of kindness, understanding, and unity in the world. GRAMMY-nominated vocalist Natalie Ai Kamauu from Hawaii lends her captivating voice to the track. The music has been composed, arranged and produced by Prem Murti and the lyrics have been written by Mike Greenly, an American writer, and the man behind the official traditional state song of Virginia. 
The song includes Shanti (Peace) Mantra sung by Prem Murti that adds a spiritual and transcendent quality to the song. Annemarie Picerno, with her exceptional vocal range and dynamic style, brings a vibrant energy and impeccable harmonies in the song.  
Adding a rich and soulful texture to the song is acclaimed cellist Tess Remy Schumacher, who has been featured in a GRAMMY-winning classical compendium album. 
Award-winning violinist An Vedi brings her masterful artistry to the song, and guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt adds a stirring and emotional dimension to the music. Prem Murti's "Love and Peace" is a song that celebrates the significance of kindness, understanding, and unity in the world.  
And lastly the graceful movements of Yogini Megan Schoenbohm Brentwood perfectly compliment the song's message of love and peace.



NIGHT OUT - Bob McGilpin & Annemarie Picerno

Review by Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture June 2022

Annemarie Picerno is an expert at working with established music traditions and alchemically turning them into something both fresh and yet familiar for the modern audience. This time out, alongside Bob McGilpin, she takes country twangs, cool blues licks and folky lilts and turns them into a neo-roots sound for the modern age.


"Night Out" is a certified country hit!

INDIE SPOONFUL 6-20-22 Nico Low & Staff

NIGHT OUT- Bob Mcgilpin & Annemarie Picerno

Songwriters- Kayden Gordon & Annemarie Picerno

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LA NOTE - MAY 2022

"I am extremely versatile in musical styles, and my voice can be sensitive, raspy, bluesy, and powerful. Most people are surprised when I sing on stage as my voice is full and rich. They are also shocked because I may be very quiet before a performance as I mentally prepare and focus my energy. Sometimes I go for a character and interpretation that changes the flavor of the vocal, and shows the attitude of the perspective of the character singing. My theater and acting training I have been incorporating in to my musical performances and music videos, and it creates a vocal quality that comes across with imagery in the studio and live. There are no boundaries in what I sing about either."





I Thank God For This Moment is a country song with a gospel makeover, or perhaps vice versa. All that matters is that they take everything that makes both those genres cool, throw in a handful of sassy blues vibes and a slightly funky, wandering bassline and come out the other side with a gorgeous song.

And, as great as the music is, it is the two voices that dominate. Both have an impressive set of lungs on them, their individual deliveries certainly make you stop in your tracks but when they harmonise on the choruses it reaches something altogether otherworldly. If there was a choir of angels that specialised in bluesy harmonies and gospel gorgeousness, then Annemarie Picerno and Matt Barfield would be their leading lights.

BRAND NEW PERSONALITY - Directed by Annemarie Picerno and starring Bob Stetson is an Official Selection for The Broad Humor Festival!

An average cowboy bloke's beer and popcorn doesn't impress his girlfriend. From his t-shirt and jeans and couch, he is inspired by infomercials to get a "Brand New Personality." 

September 1 - 4, 2022  Monrovia California


Featuring Bob Stetson in multiple comic roles, as well as cameos by Nashville artists Annemarie Picerno, Alexandra Rowe and Edwin Coombs. 
Videography: Annemarie Picerno - Amplifiedsound 
Music - Bob Stetson  
Songwriters - Frank Solesbee, Mark Rone

Annemarie Picerno- Voices Music Interview 8-11-20

Interviews with Women in Independent Music

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