Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin

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Now in all music stores, MONEY PAIN rocks the blues for the working class stressed by the economic pandemic and the challenges of musicians to keep making music. With soulful vocals by Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin, along with squealing guitar and thumping bass beats, MONEY PAIN is a force of perseverance and declaration for better times ahead.

MONEY PAIN - Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin

Songwriters: Larry Morton , Bob McGilpin ©2019

Produced by Bob McGilpin

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"THANK YOU"  An Inspirational Country Gospel song by Annemarie Picerno

"You'll never make it" they said as she packed up her cat, keyboard and guitar in an 11 year old car and moved to Nashville. Filled with heartaches, trials, and determination, the 7th single release coming to "Songs From Nashville" is to inspire and became a daily prayer for being thankful as she pursued her musical dreams.

Thank You

Annemarie Picerno

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INDIE SPOONFUL MAGAZINE REVIEW 1-28-20 : "Annemarie sings about how although she has “survived the dark storms,” she has also “felt the joy, and seen the light of day.” This universal message speaks kindly to our common human experience and reminds us that the sun always rises." “Thank You” by Annemarie Picerno is a well written and beautifully performed song that has an exquisite melody and deeply-felt, meaningful lyrics performed by a singer, Annemarie Picerno, who knows what gratitude is all about - you can hear it in her expressive interpretation. With “Thank You,” Picerno shows off her exceptional songwriting prowess as well has her powerhouse vocals and undeniable talent as a performer. Listen to "Thank You" by Annemarie Picerno - you'll be grateful for her gift, inspired by her lyrics, and moved by her performance. "

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Annemarie Picerno performs "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton with a pure, emotional delivery complimented by a folk   arrangement  with mandolin and acoustic guitars, and sweeping traditional country vocal harmonies on her favorite Dolly Parton  classic! 
Annemarie says on her version, " 'I Will Always Love You' has always been a favorite song of mine, and I have performed both the Dolly and Whitney version in the past. For this recording in the studio, I reflected on the passing of a dear friend who left this world too soon, and I focused on the pure message in the vocals with the love and pain in my heart."

 Produced by Bob McGilpin in Nashville.

Also coming to Bongo Boy Records on "A Tribute To The Queen of Country - DOLLY PARTON" - By Various Artists!




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